Your Definitive Guide on Buying Gold Jewellery in India

Gold is the ultimate luminous as the discovery of the very first gold was discovered approx 3000 BC. And that time and period, the gold is pronounced in Latin ‘aurum’.

Since then and now, gold is still one of the precious metals…! Nowadays, gold plays an important role in lifestyle, economics, trade, and others and its also tell lot about your personality.

In case you have some passion for gold jewelry and looking to buy a quality and purest gold, but had no idea where to start and how to buy gold jewellery.

Don’t worry! This blog consists of everything that is obligated with gold jewelry buying tips, factors, and best places to buy gold jewellery online in India.

Buying Gold: Be Aware Of These Factors!

The process of buying gold is very optimistic. You know to define and figure between the fake and real one and other things too. Here are some factors, or you can say, ‘acknowledge titles’ to know before purchasing gold.

The Purity Level of Your Gold

It’s a question of many people that will I buy 24 karat gold or less? Probably, they confuse. Here is the simple rule to figure out the purity level of your choice gold.

In every gold alloy, there are 24 units that we refer to as “karats”. And gold experts say that gold having with 24 units i.e. 24 karat present then the gold is 100% pure. Simply, when you buy gold that has 24 karats that means you have 100% pure.

Although, there different types of golds with unlike units say 10, 14, 18, 24. According to the mathematical expression, 10-karate gold has a 41.7% purity level as 10/24 = 41.7% and so rest.

But…wait! That doesn’t mean that you have to aim for higher purity level when you want to buy gold. Figure out your requirement considering these two important exceptions:

  • Purpose: What is it used for?
  • Compatibility: Say “Is this golden alloy “good and worth” for me?”

The Quality Of Your Gold

Coming to the second most lofty factor i.e. quality and is very important exception for people that they consider all-time. Even, I and you totally agreed to buy a product that gives quality in-return.

Coming to the best part, not all that gleam is gold….soundfully!

Just because your jewelry looks like it is made of gold doesn’t mean it actually is. You will find gold filled and gold plated jewelry because there are very few exquisite pieces of gold jewelry that are made of 24-karat solid gold (100% pure gold).

To calculate the quality of your gold, you need to know the purity of that gold. If it’s 24-karat gold then the quality is 99.99%. If it’s 18-karat gold it has 75.00% quality expression.

So, gold quality significantly relies on gold purity.

Alloys and Colors Of Your Gold

Alloys and Colors are two basics of gold. There are different kinds of gold in terms of color as follow:

Yellow Gold: This is the most often gold you purchase and available in the market online and offline. However, not all gold yellow jewelry is actually gold.

White Gold: This type of gold typically replenish silver luminous at minimal. It is as popular as yellow-gold for engagement rings.

Rose Gold: It’s a combination of gold alloy with a pinkish hue, and its charm makes rose gold a centric-piece of jewelry for engagement rings.

Green Gold: These are very rare in pieces and availability. As these alloy combinations made only in a high-tech laboratory. But, this isn’t something you would typically come across when gold shopping.

Pricing and Quality Marking

The determination of gold price is highly confided by the purity and the international market price. As you and I know familiar with the gold purity and quality measurement.

Speaking of gold purity, Avarta Jewellers offers prestigious design and hallmarked certified 18k gold rings, gold pendants, gold earrings, gold bangles, and more at attractive prices.

Here are some of the 18k gold jewelry with quality and pricing of them:

ParticularKarat Mark% Pure GoldStarting Pricing
Gold Rings18K75.00%Rs. 9,000
Gold Pendants18K75.00%Rs. 4,500
Gold Earrings18K75.00%Rs. 12,000
Gold Studs18K75.00%Rs. 10,000
Gold Bangles18K75.00%Rs. 76,000

Buying Gold Online: Here are Five Important Things To Follow!

Due to competition rise in the field of gold jewelry, you may have seen many popular brands come up in the first place to deliver enriched and pure gold jewelry products to customers.

Besides technology in the other hand, many reputed gold jewerly brands selling their products online with the help of the website.

In case you’re considering to gold shopping online, here are five important things to know, at first-place. This will answer how to buy gold jewelry online.

  1. Find A Trusted Online Retailer
  2. Understand The Purity Of Gold
  3. Look For Certification And Hallmarks
  4. Understand The Language Of Gold Jewelry
  5. Check For Warranty And Return Policies

Avarta Jewellers which is an India’s biggest gold jewelry shopping portal offers an extensive range of gold jewelry with A+ grade gold quality and 100% hallmark certified products – visit website

Summary: Gold Jewellery Buying Tips

In short and concise terms, here are sweet and cohesive gold jewellery buying tips. Have a look…!

  • Remember and Acknowledge purity of gold.
  • Find the best quality gold allay and color.
  • Look for hallmark signs and certificates.
  • Consider gold shopping from brand retailer.
  • Ask for certification and warranty coverages schemes.

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What is the best gold jewelry to buy?

In India, considering the people demand and prospective, in 2020, 14k and 18k gold is the most popular gold for rings and other wearable jewelry.

What color looks best with gold jewelry?

Considering gold as a fashion, there are five colors to wear with gold jewelry. Those are black, emerald green, silver, gold, and red.

How can you tell if gold is real?

You can find out whether your gold is real or fake through fun facts. The fun fact is that gold is not magnetic. Hold the magnet up to the gold. If it’s real gold it will not stick to the magnet.

Thanks for reading the guide on how to buy gold jewellery in India.

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